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Every Portable Thermoelectric Cooler


Thermoelectric coolers are pretty cool (pun intended). […]

Thermoelectric coolers are pretty cool (pun intended). They've got the insulating qualities of a standard ice-chest cooler, but unlike simple ice chests, they use a solid state device (powered by electricity) to keep things cool.

Like any other device, there are pros and cons to thermoelectric coolers. Since many of the people who buy an ArkPak or Powerpack battery box often purchase some sort of electric cooler or portable refrigerator, we decided to go over those pros and cons of thermoelectric coolers here on our blog.

Inside every portable thermoelectric cooler there's something called a Peltier plate, and it's the Peltier plate that makes the cooler cool. It's called a "Peltier" plate because it uses a scientific principle discovered by French physicist Jean Charles Athanase Peltier in the 1840's. Peltier found that you could create heat (or cooling) when you forced electric current thru two dissimilar conductors. Practically speaking, this means you can build a semiconductor, sandwich it between two different metals, and then plug it into a power source and you've got a cooling (or heating) device.

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