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Is the portable refrigerator easy to use?


Nowadays, consumers will have more different choices wh […]

Nowadays, consumers will have more different choices when purchasing refrigerators. For example, driving out in summer, cold beer drinks are essential drinks. However, due to various reasons such as the weather and the venue, the beverage ice is not very realistic. However, it is not easy to store for a long time with simple ice packs. How should we face these problems?

In many home appliance stores and e-commerce platforms, promotional messages for "car refrigerators" can be seen everywhere. Car refrigerators, which are popular abroad, are not common in the country, and 90% of the guests are car owners and use them while driving.

37L/8L Portable Refrigerator YT-B-45PX

From the point of view of the product, it is divided into freezing and cold storage areas, and it can be accurately controlled by a computer board, which is very convenient to use. But the overall structure of the car refrigerator is not the same as the ordinary refrigerator. Most of the car refrigerators use semiconductor technology, and the refrigeration capacity is not as good as traditional refrigerators.


1. Applicable to the preservation and refrigeration of food and beverages for travel, sports, leisure fishing and training.

2. Applicable to medical, health, health care and epidemic prevention departments refrigerated transportation of vaccines and medicines.

3. Suitable for household, car and medical use.

4. Suitable for economical and practical promotional gifts.


1. Novelty unique, strong applicability. No power supply, easy to carry, not only for home use, especially suitable for vehicle and travel;

2. Beautiful and generous, strong seasonality. The portable passive small refrigerator is generous in its hand, beautiful and attractive, and it is a seasonal commodity that people yearn for;

3. Ultra-low price, with a variety of specifications and models, different price points to choose from;

4. The cold storage time is too long, the cold storage temperature is low, and it can work below 0 ℃ for a long time.

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