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Is the portable refrigerator easy to use


The portable refrigerator is a portable refrigerator, w […]

The portable refrigerator is a portable refrigerator, which can both cool and heat, and is a new type of environmentally friendly, pollution-free and small-sized popular refrigerator. It has a long life, low vibration, low noise, and small capacity. It is only suitable for friends who live alone or go out. This portable refrigerator can also be called a mini refrigerator or a small car refrigerator. It has a variety of designs and is a modern and popular mobile kitchen appliance!


34L/40L DC Portable Refrigerator YT-B-75DX


What is a portable refrigerator
Portable refrigerator A portable refrigerator that uses an ice-salt mixture to cool down.
The device includes a refrigerator body, a refrigerator cover, a support plate, an ice salt box, a storage support rod and a cover; the refrigerator cover is located on the upper part of the refrigerator body; The refrigerant in the refrigerator uses a mixture of commonly used ice and salt, which is convenient to prepare, low in price, and recyclable; the device is light in weight and can be made into different sizes and specifications, suitable for various uses, such as small specifications It can be used to cool down and keep food fresh when traveling in hot weather; it can be used to transport long-distance food in large sizes.

Is the portable refrigerator easy to use
The portable small refrigerator is an electronic refrigeration device with temperature adjustment function.
In smart mode, the temperature inside the box is maintained between 2 and 8 ° C. In the setting mode, the temperature in the box can be set to any temperature between 2 and 25 ° C.
The portable small refrigerator has a variety of power supply modes (household battery, car power supply, lithium battery), intelligent setting, user setting dual temperature control system, dual LCD display of setting temperature and real-time temperature, dual system of Celsius temperature and Fahrenheit temperature can be converted at will It is the best choice for the majority of users to use at home and travel for various occasions.
Advantages of portable small refrigerator
Energy saving and environmental protection: The portable small refrigerator does not use electrical energy, chemical energy, special compressor, high refrigeration efficiency, and good ice-making and fresh-keeping effect.
Lightweight and flexible: The portable small refrigerator is removable, easy to carry around, stylish and beautiful, and it is a good decorative item no matter where it is placed.
Powerful effect: The temperature in the portable small refrigerator box can be reduced to about 0 degrees Celsius to minus 10 degrees Celsius, which is especially suitable for high temperature operations and is a must-have for traveling abroad.

Disadvantages of portable refrigerators
Although the portable small refrigerator has many advantages, it has a fatal disadvantage that the refrigeration efficiency is not high, it is easily affected by the ambient temperature, the capacity is small, and the stored food cannot be many.
Portable refrigerator suitable for the crowd
The portable small refrigerator is light, flexible, and easy to carry. It is usually suitable for students and staff to store their own food or drinks.
Place for portable refrigerator
The portable small refrigerator is elegantly designed and can be placed in multiple places such as living room and bedroom.
And because of its super practicality, it can also be placed in offices, hotels, apartments, cars and other places, with great randomness.
The portable refrigerator can be turned over arbitrarily without being affected, and has a fully enclosed, fluorine-free, maintenance-free technology, so it is liked by many friends.

The portable refrigerator is cheap, and it is also a good partner at home. If you are a single friend, you can use this small refrigerator to save energy and electricity!

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