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You Need Pick Best Cool Boxes


Keep cool and carry on with our expert pick of the best […]

Keep cool and carry on with our expert pick of the best cool boxes on the market – perfect if you're planning a camping trip, picnic or barbecue this summer.

When you’re entertaining at home, fridge space is often at a premium. If you’re preparing lots of food, you probably don’t want your fridge filled to the brim with drinks (although some might disagree), so transferring your beverage department to a cooler with ice blocks means your fridge is free to store all your nibbles.

There are plenty of different cool boxes and bags on the market, and thinking about how you'll use your purchase will help you make the choice on which to go for. Prices can range from the very cheap to the hugely expensive, so frequency of use and the need for portability are key factors to consider.

Weight is a consideration, so depending where you're using your cooler this will affect your choice. A cool box for keeping drinks cold in the garden can be weighty but if you're travelling on the train to a festival, a lighter option with wheels will be better suited.

Electric cool bags and boxes with a cigarette-lighter charging cable are ideal if you’re heading on a long car journey. They increase the duration of cooling, but they will add more weight.

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