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How much do people know about portable refrigerators?


How much do people know about portable refrigerators? F […]

How much do people know about portable refrigerators?

For modern people, the choice of electrical appliances is slowly shifting to convenience, so a series of portable electrical appliances have also evolved. Among them, the portable refrigerator is a new thing. How much do people know about the portable refrigerator?

Throughout the year, we will use refrigerators, refrigerating and freezing food makes our lives more convenient and comfortable. In order to not only ensure the freshness and taste of food, but also protect the refrigerator body, we need to master the appropriate refrigerator temperature and adjust the refrigerator temperature as the situation changes. Having a portable refrigerator makes it more convenient for people to buy.

Different brands of portable refrigerators have different prices, and their prices also vary with the changes in brands.

The portable refrigerator is an electronic refrigeration device with temperature adjustment function. In the smart mode, the temperature in the box is maintained between 2 ~ 8°C. In the setting mode, the temperature in the box can be set to any temperature between 2~25℃.

12V portable refrigerator can carry 23.4 liters of liquid. The inner lining material of the handbag is completely waterproof, and the other parts of the handbag are also water-resistant. Therefore, occasional external splashing of water or bathing will not cause the ice in the handbag to melt.

It is reported that the portable refrigerator adopts a waterproof and sealed zipper structure, so even if the handbag is completely upside down, there will be no liquid leakage. In addition, the handbag is surrounded by a 2.5 cm thick insulating material layer, and the bottom insulating material layer is 3.8 cm thick. This ensures that even if the handbag is placed on the surface of a hot object, it will not cause the internal ice to melt.

Portable refrigerators use DC compressors with fast cooling speed, fluorine-free refrigerants, balanced operation, low noise, long service life, temperature setting display board with memory function, refrigerator circuit design adopts delayed start technology to ensure machine operation. The refrigerator adopts microcomputer processing, which can automatically check the fault and adjust according to the indicator light.

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