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How to choose so that the ice machine can create better benefits?


Ice machine is an indispensable commercial facility in […]

Ice machine is an indispensable commercial facility in the contemporary catering industry. In the hot summer, it can highlight its key position in the catering industry. Drink a refreshing milk tea to drive away the hot and depressed mood and provide consumers with refreshing , To satisfy consumers, the ice machine has made great contributions to people in the hot summer.

Generally speaking, ice machines have various ice shapes such as cube ice, pearl ice, flake ice, etc. The application occasions include cafes, gourmet snack bars, milk tea shops, business restaurants, ktv, disco bars, restaurants, restaurants, leisure resorts, Cruise ships, restaurant chains, shopping malls, cold storage and many other occasions. So, what kind of ice shape is suitable for what occasion?
Next are the more common ice types:
1. Flake ice: can be used in fish processing industry/shopping mall/meat processing industry/food industry/chemical industry, etc.
2. Pearl ice: it can be used in discos/hotels/restaurants/recreation clubs, etc. It is the first choice for cocktail/milk tea.
3. Mineral ice: Fruit salad can be used in the restaurant / catering industry / carbonate milk tea, etc.
4. Fang Bing: Food service industry/(pre-made ice milk tea) can be used in camping occasions with automatic ice vending machine carbonated brine milk tea, etc.
5. Different ice: available ice display/light food restaurant/room service/carbonate milk tea, etc.
6. Snow ice: available in cafes/hotels/restaurants/shopping malls/hospitals/laboratory/chemicals, etc.
In the process of selecting an ice maker, you should first select the type of ice maker according to your needs, and then be familiar with the specifications of the ice maker. There is usually a corresponding relationship between the ice output and the specifications. If a certain amount of ice output is required, that Ice machine of matching size.
How much does an ice maker manufacturers cost? At present, there are many brands of ice machines on the market, and the prices of various brands are different. Ice machines are divided into commercial and domestic ones. The price of commercial ice machines is even more different. To open a milk tea shop, you need to use a commercial ice machine. The price of small, medium and large ice machines varies.
There are usually two or three thousand for a small one, four or five thousand for a medium one, and a large one is even more than tens of thousands. The key is to choose a suitable one according to the needs and budget.

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