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How to ensure the insulation performance of the incubator?


With the continuous improvement of the quality of peopl […]

With the continuous improvement of the quality of people’s living standards, incubators have also begun to enter our daily lives. Incubators are diverse and have different shapes, but no matter how you change the function and role of incubators, they are inseparable. It has the effect of heat insulation to keep heat and cold.With the upsurge of the express delivery industry, large and small fast food industries and canteens China cooler boxes factory of enterprises and institutions began to purchase incubators in large quantities. The soaring sales of incubators should be a good thing for manufacturers of incubators, but there are many problems that follow. "Every year I receive a call asking why the incubator becomes heavier and the insulation performance is reduced after the incubator is washed in the water, and there are even complaints about the small screws of the incubator when eating. In fact, we certainly know that the food incubator is safe The importance of use, and indeed has paid great attention to product sealing, assembly and quality inspection, but the problem reported by customers is an old problem for many years, and it has been difficult to have a way to fundamentally eliminate it." How can the incubator be avoided? Do the above problems occur?

This problem in the incubator industry has lasted for many years. Although people in the industry do not shy away from talking about it, they can't solve it and are very helpless. In order to solve this long-standing problem, the professional R&D and design team of Zhili new packaging has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "three excellences and one creation", from carton packaging to foldable thermal insulation packaging, from heavy packaging to customized product packaging. Zhili Packaging will provide you with perfect packaging solutions. Including research and development, production and sales of aluminum foil insulation boxes, insulation boxes, cowhide insulation boxes, color printing insulation boxes and other new packaging products, only provide customers with high-quality products, excellent environment, high-quality services, adhere to innovative business concepts, and continue to provide health, Safe products, as the leader of green life.

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