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Is car refrigerator worth buying?


Car refrigerators are very popular abroad. When driving […]

Car refrigerators are very popular abroad. When driving in summer, especially when driving long distances, there is a small refrigerator in the car, so you don’t need to get out of the car to buy iced drinks during the journey. 12v car refrigerator factory were once popular in China two years ago, but because of slow cooling and power consumption, fewer people buy such refrigerators.

The car refrigerator is fashionable and compact. In terms of styles, vehicle-mounted refrigerators include vertical refrigerator type, horizontal freezer type, football shape, and Coke bottle shape. In terms of color, there are a variety of colors such as rose red, pink blue, grass green, light yellow, silver gray, etc. The volume is 3 liters, and there are also 33 liters of large-volume refrigerators. Different models such as off-road vehicles, cars, and large trucks can be selected with The matching car refrigerator. Vehicle-mounted refrigerators with a volume of more than 7L are generally placed in the trunk, and those below 7L can be directly placed in the compartment.
According to some industry insiders, the car refrigerator is an electronic refrigerator that uses semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology and uses direct current without generating noise and pollution. When driving, simply insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter to get electricity, and the temperature in the box can be reduced to 2-5 ℃ after two hours. Some insiders also remind car owners that when buying a car refrigerator, you need to buy a multi-function socket, which can ensure that your refrigerator, car lights, mobile phone charger, hands-free equipment, etc. are used at the same time.

Some experts believe that foreign refrigerators with good cooling effect are very expensive, while cheap car refrigerators do not have a good cooling effect. It is often necessary to add ice inside and outside the refrigerator. According to experts, at present, the most widely used car refrigerators in the world are mainly dual power supplies. First, connect the refrigerator to the power supply to cool down at home, and use the cigarette lighter power supply in the car to mainly keep it warm.

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