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  • Cooling Boxes' Simplest Definition

    Cooling Boxes' Simplest Definition

    Cooling boxes are applied in the food, as well as in the automotive industry. In the food industry, they are mainly conventionally insulated for ice-production machines. During the production of the ice creams, these are dipped into liquid nitrogen one or more times. An ice cooler box in its simples... read more

    Jan 19,2020 News
  • What Is A Cool Box

    What Is A Cool Box

    Cool Box is a container like a box with a lid, used for keeping food and drinks cool. There's nothing more refreshing on a hot summer's day than an ice cold drink taken straight from your own coolbox or coolbag, and our pick of the best camping coolers are versatile enough to be used in a variety of... read more

    Feb 10,2020 News
  • Are Mini Fridges Safe

    Are Mini Fridges Safe

    A compact refrigerator, often referred to as a mini fridge, is commonly used for extra food cooling in home bars, kids' or bonus rooms, home offices and dorm rooms. It's easy to assume that small refrigerators equate to small energy consumption, but this is not typically the case. No appliance is 10... read more

    Feb 14,2020 News