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  • What are the benefits of putting the mask in the cosmetic refrigerator

    Because the temperature in the beauty refrigerator is low, it can prevent bacteria from multiplying, and it can also maintain the freshness of the mask, maintain the humidity and elasticity of the mas... read more

    Dec 20,2022 Industry News
  • What types of cooling boxes are there

    Using a compressor-driven cooling boxes is a bit like having your own home fridge. It's a great way to stay cool while camping or driving. The advantage of these boxes is that they use less power than... read more

    Dec 12,2022 Industry News
  • What are the advantages of 12V Portable Refrigerator

    Whether you are just camping for a day or you are on a long camping trip, it is important to have a portable refrigerator that is reliable and able to keep your food cool. There are several options av... read more

    Dec 05,2022 Industry News
  • How to choose suitable ice maker manufacturers

    Specs of ice making machine vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. For example, some ice makers have legs without feet, while others have legs that are adjustable. In addition, the ice maker i... read more

    Dec 01,2022 Industry News
  • What are the properties of 12v thermoelectric cooler

    Having a 12v Thermoelectric Cooler can be a great convenience when you are camping or just want to have a cold drink or ice cream during the summer. There are several manufacturers that produce these ... read more

    Nov 21,2022 Industry News
  • How portable freezers keep food cold

    Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, a portable freezer can make storing your food on the go a breeze. These handy devices have LED displays and simple button settings for easy refrigera... read more

    Nov 14,2022 Industry News
  • What are the advantages of cooling boxes

    Cooling boxes, also known as portable ice chests, chilly bins, or eskys, are portable containers that keep foods cool. There are several types of coolers available on the market, including eskys, Liqu... read more

    Nov 07,2022 Industry News
  • What types of car refrigerators are there

    The first automobile air conditioning system was the car cooler, also known as a swamp cooler or window-mounted evaporative air cooler. Car coolers are still an important part of many people's lives a... read more

    Nov 01,2022 Industry News
  • What is a mini fridge

    A mini fridge is a small refrigerator that can fit on a countertop and store beverages and snacks. A medium-sized mini-fridge can hold a few days' worth of leftovers and is usually used in small offic... read more

    Oct 24,2022 Industry News
  • How to get the most out of an ice making machine

    An ice making machine is a device used to make ice. It can be a stand-alone appliance or an industrial machine. Typically, it is an appliance used for home use. In addition to ice, an ice maker can al... read more

    Oct 17,2022 Industry News
  • What are the types of 12V Portable Refrigerators

    Absorption fridges are a popular choice for portable refrigerators, but they are not a good choice for long-distance traveling. They are susceptible to external temperatures, and even the best models ... read more

    Oct 12,2022 Industry News
  • How to choose an ice maker

    An ice making machine can be either a stand-alone appliance or an industrial machine. In most cases, the term ice making machine refers to a stand-alone appliance. However, some manufacturers also pro... read more

    Oct 08,2022 Industry News