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  • How to maintain the tube ice machine

    Tank cleaning Both the water tank and the water pump should be kept clean and free of any accumulation of foreign objects. When deposits do occur (more foreign matter or clay buildup), the tank should... read more

    May 02,2022 Industry News
  • What are the methods of storage and preservation of agricultural products

    The storage and preservation of agricultural products has always been a headache for producers. The storage of agricultural products generally requires a moderate temperature, not too wet, and protect... read more

    Apr 18,2022 Industry News
  • What to pay attention to when using a tube ice machine

    1. The tube ice machine should be installed in a place away from heat sources, without direct sunlight and with good ventilation. The ambient temperature should not exceed 35°C to avoid overheating an... read more

    Apr 11,2022 Industry News
  • What to pay attention to when using a portable refrigerator

    Storage in the Portable Refrigerator Box: 1. There is sometimes dew in the portable refrigerator box. This is a normal phenomenon. It is not that the product is faulty, but the environment where it is... read more

    Apr 08,2022 Industry News
  • How does a refrigerator work

    Once your cooler is ready, you can start the cooling process. This is where most reefer coolers also excel. First, fill it with ice cubes. To keep the contents cold, the ice needs to be frozen before ... read more

    Apr 01,2022 Industry News
  • How does a refrigerator work

    Getting a cool box is a great accessory for those who want to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm inside. This item is similar to a thermal pad in that it can be used to trap body heat inside. The g... read more

    Mar 21,2022 Industry News
  • How to fix a portable generator

    But one of the most common reasons for portable generator failure is simply that it might not have sufficient fuel. Especially if the last time you used it was last year. As well as checking the quant... read more

    Mar 14,2022 Industry News
  • How to make more ice from your ice machine

    One of the best ways to ensure optimum performance of your ice machine and the appropriate amount of quality ice production is by conducting regular preventive maintenance checks.There is no doubt tha... read more

    Mar 07,2022 Industry News
  • When to replace your commercial storage bin

    Once the water ice maker factory reaches the insulation, corrosion is inevitable. However, water should never seep through the watertight interior lining. That’s what it’s there for, which is why you ... read more

    Mar 01,2022 Industry News
  • How to clean ice makers

    The only type of ice maker I had growing up was an ice cube tray that I filled with water and left in the kitchen freezer overnight. If I remembered, I emptied that tray of freshly made cubes into a c... read more

    Feb 21,2022 Industry News
  • How to Power a Portable Fridge

    Are you sick of eating the same old sandwiches and drinking warm beer when you and your family get the chance to hit the open road? Having to constantly buy ice for your cooler can be a hassle and lim... read more

    Feb 14,2022 Industry News
  • Can a refrigerator replace a built-in weekend cooler

    This cooler is a 12V portable refrigerator unit powered by the auxiliary battery. It is turned on by plugging its cable into the receptacle at the back of the driver’s seat. Once plugged in, the coole... read more

    Feb 07,2022 Industry News